Kumquat Recipes

My neighbor has a kumquat tree and this year it is bent over with hundreds of kumquats. So she has been giving them away right and left. I decided I’d take a whole bunch and see what kinds of things I could make with them.

In order to make anything with the kumquats, one has to …


Lemon Tart

I have a lemon bush in my backyard and it typically produces a lot of lemons. However, this past fall it only had three lemons. I was really sad because I like to make lemon flavored things. Biscotti, tarts and lemon meringue pie are some of my favorite things to make.

So I decided to make …


Learning how to make bread

Every week I find myself buying bread and/or rolls and not really using them all. Things mold, end up getting thrown out, or tossed into the freezer and lost. It seems kind of a waste. I thought maybe a better solution might be to try to make some bread for the family every other week …


Kale Parmesan Bread

Kale is one of those things that I get a lots in my winter and spring CSA boxes. My husband despises it and I don’t have a Vitamix blender so I can’t just make it into juice and smoothies. As a result I’m always trying to find things to make with it. This week I’ve …


Sweet potato waffles

Sweet potatoes are something that I get on a regular basis on in our CSA box. So, I’m always trying to figure out ways to use them. Waffles are a something we regularly make for breakfast on the weekend. So I wondered if it would be possible to make sweet potato waffles. After looking around …


Lo Mein

I keep trying to get Lo Mein right each time I make it because I’m really sick of eating rice with asian dishes, but I can’t seem to get the knack of it. I’ve tried different types of noodles and several different recipes but alas it doesn’t ever seem to turn off the way I’d …