Oven fried chicken and vegetables

I really like fried breaded chicken breasts, zucchini and eggplant paired with pasta. But, I always feel kind of guilty when I pan fry these in oil. I keep trying to come up with alternatives. The typical approach would be to grill all of these things. However, in my opinion the finished texture just isn’t …


Ramen Experiments

One of my husband and my food “addictions” is ramen. There is a local place we REALLY like to go to but it can get pricey going regularly. So I decided to do some investigating on how to make ramen from scratch.

The key to a good ramen is really the broth and noodles. In my …


Pastitsio Friday

Pasta is always a favorite at my house. So tonight I decided to pull out a trusted recipe for Pastitsio. For those you who don’t know about this dish. It is a Greek dish which has layers of pasta in a modified morney sauce and a ground meat and tomato mixture. The recipe is quite …


Kumquat Bundt Cake

I typically am not a cake baker because and entire cake really isn’t something I can easily make sure gets eaten at my house. I make cakes for birthdays but otherwise only for events with a large number of people. However, as I mentioned a previous post, I have more kumquats from my neighbor than …


Spring Jam Making

One of the things I like most about spring is the chance to get fresh produce, especially fresh fruit and berries. Last year I was able to buy strawberries and apricots in bulk and make jam with them. This was really my first experience making jam and while some of the batches setup nicely, others …


Holiday Food recap

I made some pretty great things over the holidays but have been super bogged down and not able to write much. So I decided to do a so please holiday food recap with some recipe links.
Christmas Day I hosted festivities at my house and made several things. For breakfast, I made buttermilk herb cheese scones. …


Squash Gnocchi

Every time fall rolls around my CSA box starts to include lots of squash. Typically this is acorn or butternut squash, but this year the box included kabocha squash. I’m never really sure what to do with winter squash. The fall el nino was 1 he was very willing to eat pureed squash. However, neither …


Chicken Cacciatore

I am always trying new recipes trying to find new things that will big hits for my family. My hope is to expand what I call the recipe rotation. I’m not a big fan of chicken. There are a limited number of ways I like it. Baked chicken with gravy, chicken pot pie, chicken Milanese, and …


When the planned meal goes sideways

Nothing is more frustrating to a cook tyhan when the meal you planned goes sideways. This can happen for several reasons.

Someone unintentionally eats one of your ingredients. WTF chocolate chips aren’t a snack!
The dish itself fails. It tastes awful or burns or something truly awful
You forget to thaw your meat

The third reason happens to me …