Yummy braised meat

One of my favorite ways to make meat when I’m in a hurry and/or have a cheap cut is to braise it. For most recipes, the meat gets seasoned then browned in a pan. Then it’s transferred to a crock pot and liquid added for slow cooking. Alternatively, one can simmer on low on the …


Homemade chicken broth

Every time I buy, spatchcock and roast a chicken, I have giblets, neck and the backbone left to use. For me, it seems like a waste to just throw these items out. So I almost always make chicken broth with these leftover parts. To do this I put all the left over parts into pot …


When the planned meal goes sideways

Nothing is more frustrating to a cook tyhan when the meal you planned goes sideways. This can happen for several reasons.

Someone unintentionally eats one of your ingredients. WTF chocolate chips aren’t a snack!
The dish itself fails. It tastes awful or burns or something truly awful
You forget to thaw your meat

The third reason happens to me …


Roasting pumpkin

One thing we often do during the fall is roast pumpkin for pies, soup or pumpkin bread. Since Saturday was such a terribly rainy, nasty day, I decide it would be a good day to roast pumpkin. For those of you who have never roasted a pumpkin before, you can’t just go get a jack …


WTF is a roux?

A while back I was telling a friend how to make something and I said “you start with a nice rich brown roux” to which she responded “WTF is a roux”. Basically a roux is flour and some type of fat/grease combined. For me a 1 to 1 ratio typically works best. So 1 tablespoon …


Marinades and Slow cooking 101

If you have an inexpensive, fatty and chewy piece of meat to cooking you can uses a variety of techniques to make it tasty. A few techniques that I use are marinating, slow cooking or a combination of the two. In the winter time slow cooking is probably your best option. You can do this …