Fish/Seafood Stock

Living in Texas on the Gulf, seafood is something I cook I a fairly regular basis. In particular I typically make shrimp once a week. This is because my spouse won’t eat fish but WILL eat seafood. Gulf shrimp is readily available so I try to make it often for my family. Stir fry and …


Tried and True meals

The last couple months I haven’t been posting much about what I’ve been making. Mostly because I’ve gotten into a routine of making some of the same things week after week. Yes, there is some variety including some fresh homemade whole grain bread, but generally speaking I haven’t strayed too far from the beaten path.
Why? …


Getting inspiration

One of my favorite times of the day is my lunch break. One reason is that I often make something snazzy for lunch. But another is I typically peruse my cooking reading material and try to get ideas and choose my next experiment or project. Some of what I read is print, some electronic.

For the …