Recipe Cache

I’m the kind of cook who really likes to collect recipes. I’m extremely grateful I live in the modern era where I can do this digitally rather than physically clipping stuff and sticking scraps of paper into the cookbook like my grandmother. However, the process is still pretty imperfect. I have a recipe program that I keep “family” recipes in and other methods for handling digital recipes.

Some times because I’m on my phone or Fire tablet I store recipes I find in a Google Collections. Other times I add the links to Pinboard with the tag recipes. I also save stuff I see on Facebook. Ultimately this results in a bit of a recipe seeking game. I have to remember WHERE I was when I saw it to know where I might have stored it.

I keep wishing I had an easier way to get them all in one place but that has proven quite elusive. I could do it if I put Pinboard on phone and all tablets and ALWAYS opened stuff in the native browser rather than Facebook’s built in one. Work smarter not harder me, wishes for an ounce of free time to write a script that pushes the Google Collection and Facebook saves to Pinboard and empties them at regular intervals. Exceptionally ambition and perfectionist me wants to make an Alexa app to use Pinboard + my local recipe store together on my Fire tablets more easily. Seriously, being a technologist + coder is a bit of a curse sometimes. I’ll probably just continue as is though because I prefer to spend my “free time” actually making food or working in the garden.

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