Ramen Experiments

One of my husband and my food “addictions” is ramen. There is a local place we REALLY like to go to but it can get pricey going regularly. So I decided to do some investigating on how to make ramen from scratch.

The key to a good ramen is really the broth and noodles. In my …


Pastitsio Friday

Pasta is always a favorite at my house. So tonight I decided to pull out a trusted recipe for Pastitsio. For those you who don’t know about this dish. It is a Greek dish which has layers of pasta in a modified morney sauce and a ground meat and tomato mixture. The recipe is quite …


Kumquat Bundt Cake

I typically am not a cake baker because and entire cake really isn’t something I can easily make sure gets eaten at my house. I make cakes for birthdays but otherwise only for events with a large number of people. However, as I mentioned a previous post, I have more kumquats from my neighbor than …