Cheese onion quick bread

The last two weeks my CSA box has had lots of spring onions in it. I use some of these in my stir fried or quiche but I was still left with quite a few that I needed to use. I thought that made I should make an onion cheese bread with them. Given that I’m still struggling shaping my yeast breads, I decided to look for a recipe which was a quick bread. I found a really simple recipe that sounded really tasty. It smelled phenomenal when I took it out of the oven.

The one thing I was concerned about was if it would come out of the pan easily. Sometimes my quick breads stick on the bottom and leave a big piece when I try to get them out of the pan. I used a good amount of baking spray to prevent this but when. I initially removed the loaf from the oven it seemed like it was sticking more than I would have liked. So I loosened the sides qnd bottom with a knife and left it to cool in the pan on a wire rack. I’ve food cooling a pan on a wire rack seems to be more effective than cooling on a trivet or the stove. After cooling I re-loosened the bread from the pan and was able to flip it and get the loaf out whole. I’m looking forward to tasting it for breakfast this week.

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