Kale Parmesan Bread

Kale is one of those things that I get a lots in my winter and spring CSA boxes. My husband despises it and I don’t have a Vitamix blender so I can’t just make it into juice and smoothies. As a result I’m always trying to find things to make with it. This week I’ve tried two things: a vegetable quiche with make and Kale Parmesan bread. Finding a yeast bread recipe that contains actually proved a bit of a challenge. I think because people do not like Kale or the people who do like it think it should be kept as pure as possible.d

Eventually I did find a recipe though and decided to do my best in making it. I don’t have much bread making experience or skills. I typically make quick breads because they take less time and feel less finicky. Halfway through putting things together I realised I didn’t have whole wheat flour. So I substituted half later flour and buckwheat flour. I have a feeling this messed up the proving aka rising of the dough because my final product was super dense. I also had issues showing the dough properly. Like I said my bread making skills are almost non-existent. So making a pretty shaped loaf is an issue for me.

Even though the texture and shape of the final product is off, the flavors of the Kale and cheese are really good. So I’d like to give the recipe another try whenever I get a bunch of Kale again.


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