Lo Mein

I keep trying to get Lo Mein right each time I make it because I’m really sick of eating rice with asian dishes, but I can’t seem to get the knack of it. I’ve tried different types of noodles and several different recipes but alas it doesn’t ever seem to turn off the way I’d like it too. Mostly it is because the noodles always seem to be a sticky mess. I have some ideas that this might be due to:

  1. cooking too long before stir frying
  2. not having enough oil in my pan
  3. not having my pan hot enough.

I can reasonably fix #1 and #3 but I’m seriously not going to use an gallon of oil just to get my noodles to not be sticky and I’m afraid this might be the only solution. That being said, I’ve made some really tasty variations on lo mein the last month. My favorite is probably the Spicy Vegetable Lo Mein from Eating Well. I’ve done this recipe and varied the vegetables three or four times. It has always been tasty. Sometime I grill pork or chicken thighs to go with it. Sometimes I add pork to the stir fry. Saturday night I made a version of it with bok choy, mushrooms, asian eggplant and grilled chicken thighs. YUM!

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