Holiday Food recap

I made some pretty great things over the holidays but have been super bogged down and not able to write much. So I decided to do a so please holiday food recap with some recipe links.

Christmas Day I hosted festivities at my house and made several things. For breakfast, I made buttermilk herb cheese scones. These savory scones are one of my favorites because they keep nicely and are even better the second, third and fourth days split in half and toasted up with butter. I’ve also made sweet scones before as well. This cranberry orange recipe is my favorite.

For dinner I made a prime rib roast with an au jus, garlic mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus and yeast rolls. I don’t feel like a particularly skilled bread maker. Some of this is because I don’t like kneading the dough which bothers my wrists. Some of it is I just am not comfortable with what appropriately kneaded dough looks and feels like. So I often use my bread machine to do the heavy lifting the do the final kneading and shaping by hand. I leveraged this in making my yeast rolls to save myself some time.

My prime rib yielded and excessive number of leftovers. So I had to repurpose the beef a couple ways. One was making tacos with an avocado horseradish sauce. Another was to make a beef stroganoff. My husband liked the avocado horseradish sauce a lot. So much so that he asked me to make it again as a sandwich topping for some of the other roast beef leftovers.

Christmas also yielded so new cooking “toys” for me including an ice cream maker attachment for my stand mixer. So I absolutely had to make ice cream for New year’s. While the maker came with some recipes, I wanted to make a chocolate ice cream recipe that took a little less time then the one in the book. I settled on a super rich custard style ice cream. I tried to add in a couple mix-ins of mini chocolate chips and almond slivers. However this just messed up the churning process. I also ran out of time and didn’t get it chilled properly for a hard ice cream consistency before serving. This was easily remedied by putting it in my deep freezer overnight. I’m pretty psyched to try the process again and maybe make a sorbet this time.

Overall my holiday food adventures were both fun and mostly successful. I’m hoping to have some more consistent blocks of free time in the evenings to be able to write and post my hackery this year. Only time will tell though.

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