Sweet potato rolls

This year was not my turn to cook Thanksgiving dinner. So I agreed to bring rolls and an appetizer to the gathering. Initially I was thinking about making yeast rolls because I really like them and have had some success making them in the past. However, I realized that I had a lot of sweet potatoes that I thought I ought to try to use up. I looked at a recipe for Sweet Potato Onion Bread from Viviane Howard’s cookbook but ended up feeling too intimidated to try it. I don’t have a lot of bread making experience and I was worried it wouldn’t run out. In the end, I decided to try to make some sweet potato rolls that were a lot simpler.


I baked some sweet potato, pureed and then put all the ingredients in the bread maker. The breadmaker did all the work of mixing and kneeding. So all I needed to do was segment the dough into rolls and bake them off. The recipe made a HUGE number of rolls and we ended up having leftovers to re-heat and eat over the weekend. In the end, the simpler recipe was a good choice because my spouse wanted to use the kitchen to make pies and the more complex recipe would have taken longer and resulted me in being in this way.

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