Warm Spinach Salad and Quiche


I’ve been terrible about posting for a while due to trying to cope with holiday stress. I did fortunately take lots of picture of my tasty food. So I have the start to several nice posts. That is if I can find the time to write them!

This ham and mushroom quiche with warm spinach salad was more of my favorite meals I made in December. Quiche is pretty much my “go to” meal when I don’t know what to make. Box of pie crust, cheese, eggs and whatever is in the fridge. I’ve learned that the quiche comes out much better is I saute any vegetables and meat I intend to use before I put them in the filling. For me the hardest thing with quiche is getting the right egg milk ratio for the filling. I don’t measure because … well I just don’t. I beat the eggs then add the milk until it looks the right consistency. Another trick is that I put the non egg/milk filling stuff into the bottom of the quiche before I add the egg/milk. This keeps the ingredient from all ending up on the top of the quiche.

The warm spinach salad is Alton Brown’s recipe. The biggest thing is the warm dressing and getting the ratio of ingredients right. So I rely on a recipe for this. Also you need very crispy (but not burned) bacon. Otherwise it doesn’t crumble.

This particular meal was a HUGE hit with the spouse plus there were leftovers for lunch the next day.

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