When the planned meal goes sideways

Nothing is more frustrating to a cook tyhan when the meal you planned goes sideways. This can happen for several reasons.

  1. Someone unintentionally eats one of your ingredients. WTF chocolate chips aren’t a snack!
  2. The dish itself fails. It tastes awful or burns or something truly awful
  3. You forget to thaw your meat

The third reason happens to me a lot. Mostly because of the fact I get caught up with my job and remember too late. I could microwave thaw stuff but this never ends well for me. So I typically swing to looking for a plan B. This can mean

  1. Something from the frozen food section
  2. Takeout
  3. Leftovers
  4. Quiche

Why is quiche on this list? Because it is dead easy to make and 95% of the time I have the ingredients. I keep store bought pie crust in my fridge. This plus the fact I have eggs, milk, sandwich meat and cheese on hand means quiche is a snap.

Last night I ended up making a spur of the moment quiche with ham, cheese mushrooms and shallots. One thing I do with my quiches is I always pre-cook the veggies so they don’t mess up the quiche texture and make it watery. I like to do the same with whatever meat I’m using because browning it gives the quiche better flavor. If I can I shred my own cheese and use something nice. Yesterday, I was in speed mode so I used pre-shredded cheddar. The awesome thing about this type of meal is it is cheaper and healthier than my other options, except perhaps leftovers. I have leftovers for nights of complete desperation and/or exhaustion though.

So when you’re making your grocery list think about what ingredients you can include that will do double duty for a fall back meal. You’ll be grateful for that smidge of pre-planning when your pressed for time or things go sideways.

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