Chicken Cacciatore

I am always trying new recipes trying to find new things that will big hits for my family. My hope is to expand what I call the recipe rotation. I’m not a big fan of chicken. There are a limited number of ways I like it. Baked chicken with gravy, chicken pot pie, chicken Milanese, and …


When the planned meal goes sideways

Nothing is more frustrating to a cook tyhan when the meal you planned goes sideways. This can happen for several reasons.

Someone unintentionally eats one of your ingredients. WTF chocolate chips aren’t a snack!
The dish itself fails. It tastes awful or burns or something truly awful
You forget to thaw your meat

The third reason happens to me …


Lamb Stew

I am a sucker for the bargain meat bin at the grocery store, especially if it has any kind of lamb or veal or beef short ribs. More often than not I find some type of marked down lamb. From what i can tell, lamb isn’t particularly popular in the US. A few cuts like …


CSA box leftovers part 2

Pickling was another endeavor that I was exposed to as a child. My family passed on a ton of pickle recipes most of which I’ve never tried for a couple reasons.

I haven’t been able to scale them back to the amount of cucumbers I have. I do not have a bushel of cucumbers with is …


CSA box leftovers Part 1

Sometimes at the end of the week of CSA vegetables I have veggies left over that I need to use before I get my new box. Certain times of the year I get overrun with particular things: jalapenos, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and sweet potatoes can be troublesome. So what’s a busy mumma who doesn’t want …