Roasting pumpkin

One thing we often do during the fall is roast pumpkin for pies, soup or pumpkin bread. Since Saturday was such a terribly rainy, nasty day, I decide it would be a good day to roast pumpkin. For those of you who have never roasted a pumpkin before, you can’t just go get a jack o’lantern pumpkin and roast it. We’ll you can but it won’t taste particularly good. What you want to roast is a pie pumpkin. These are typically smaller and have a sweeter taste. They also are less stringy and dense. The first step is to slice your pumpkin in half. Like you would a squash you want to roast. wpid-img_20151024_28906.jpg
First, I typically slice the top off the pumpkin to remove the stem because it makes it easier to slice in half. Then I scoop out the seeds. Next I spray with olive oil and place inside (non-skin side) down on a parchment lined baking sheet. Trust me you want the parchment so stuff doesn’t stick and the halves are more easily flipped. Bake the pumpkin at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Then flip the halves and bake for 25 minutes more. You know the pumpkin is done when you stick a fork it in and it goes in and comes out easily. Allow the pumpkin to cool slightly before you scrape all the meat out of the skins and into a container for storage.


Now that you’ve got all this lovely pumpkin you can make a variety of tasty things. In the case of our household the first thing that was made was pumpkin pie. I can’t take credit for the pie though because pie crust is one of my true banes as a cook. So my spouse makes all the pies in our house. This one was particularly tasty. Our two year old (aka el Nino) even had some! (It probably was the only veggie he ate that day). I still have a container of pumpkin left that I’ll probably make pumpkin bread with because that is el Nino’s favorite breakfast treat.

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