Chicken Pot Pie (sort of)

Every time I bake a chicken I always save the drippings and leftover meat to make a chicken pot pie. This week I baked a chicken because I wanted the white meat for chicken enchiladas. But even after I had made those I still had a lot of meat left. So I decided to make chicken pot pie, well sort of.

One issue I have pretty much every time I make chicken pot pie is that the pieces never come out of the pie plate whole. So it looks pretty before you cut it and tastes great but looks like a train wreck on the plate. So I thought this time I’d change things up a bit and use a 9×9 pan and biscuits for the top and bottom. It was a good idea in theory, in practice not a complete success.

The problem is there is just too much biscuit if you put them on the top and bottom. Also the biscuits don’t get a chance to cook quite the way they should. Sigh. While the final result was fairly tasty it wasn’t ideal. So it back to the drawing board for next time. I’m guessing I’ll probably just put biscuits on top.

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