Tried and True meals

The last couple months I haven’t been posting much about what I’ve been making. Mostly because I’ve gotten into a routine of making some of the same things week after week. Yes, there is some variety including some fresh homemade whole grain bread, but generally speaking I haven’t strayed too far from the beaten path.

Why? Well, I’ve been pretty busy and also quite tired. So inventiveness hasn’t been a high priority for me. I have made a couple tasty special things the last two weekends. We’ve got a great deal of spinach in our CSA box. So I’ve made two spanokopitas. If you’re looking for a recipe. Check out one of my earlier posts on making it.

Oyster Poboy

Even though my cooking hasn’t been too adventurous. I’ve had some super great meals out. Probably one of the best was lunch at Casey Gaido’s. Where I had terrific fresh oyster po-boy plus onion rings and shared a piece of their unique pecan pie with a friend.

I’ve also been busily working on my garden which has come along to the point where I have many fresh herbs and peppers with blossoms galore and tomatoes slowly ripening. I expect I’ll have lots of things to choose from in the next month or so.

In the meantime, I’ll keep on with the basics until I can find the time to make something more special. Because honestly there is nothing wrong with basics especially if they are healthy, tasty, and satisfying.

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