Post-Easter Sale on Leg of Lamb

This week I struck gold on Easter Sunday at the grocery store. I LOVE lamb, especially leg of lamb. However, it is pricey ($8/pound) so I won’t buy it unless I’m feeling spendy. When I was perusing the sale bin this past weekend the meat lady came out with an entire cart of legs of lamb that she was marking down to 3.29 a pound. I just about screamed for joy because this is a freaking unheard of price. So what am I doing with the 8 pound leg I bought? First, I’m removing the bone and making some 1 pound packages of it cubed. Why? Kabobs, curries, and stews of course. Second, I’m saving a smaller whole chunk to roast with whole cloves of garlic. Lastly, I’m going to use my meat grinder to grind the smaller scraps and combine with beef to make a nice gyros mixture that I can rotisserie on my grill and slice off thin pieces. All and all I should be able to get at least 6 meals out of the leg which means a pretty low overall cost per meal.

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