Muy Bueno – Beef Brisket Tacos (Tacos de Carne Deshebrada)

This week the Muy Bueno cookbook arrived in my mailbox. I’ve been following the author’s blog for a while and have been waiting for the actual cookbook with much excitement. When it arrived I immediately dug in and started reading it cover to cover. There are so many things I like about it but perhaps the thing I find the most appealing is that the stories that go along with the recipes. I’ve said here before that for me food is very much a family and social experience. Most of my recipes have a story that goes along with them. So having this cookbook be as much narrative as recipes makes it something I’ll enjoy for some time.

My enthusiasm for the storytelling aspects of Muy Bueno aside, it also has a ton of great recipes that I want to try out. The first one I’m attempting is Beef Brisket Tacos. Basically this involve slow cooking a beef brisket in beef, aromatics, and spices for 8 hours. Luckily I picked up a hunk of brisket on sale 3 weeks ago. So I dug it out of the freezer and thawed it for this recipe.

Step 1- Put everything in the slow cooker.

Step 2 – Wait. Make tomatillo sauce and homemade tortillas.

Step 3 – Remove beef and shred.

Step 4 – Put together tacos. Tortillas, beef, tomatillo salsa

Step 5 – Enjoy the awesomeness.

Sorry no pics! We ate it all before I took any. Maybe the next batch will get photographed.

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