Fall CSA Box Week 1

At last the fall CSA has started! I picked up my first box yesterday and it had so many awesome goodies!

cherry tomatoes
green beans
summer squash
baby greens mix of arugula and mizuna
micro greens
green peppers
jalapeno peppers

We immediately used the cherry tomatoes in a pasta veggie saute and I ate 2 cucumbers as a pre-dinner gosh I’m starving snack. …


Making my own flatbreads

So I had this brilliant idea that instead of making a special separate trip to the only grocery store that sells nice healthy wraps, I’d make my own flat bread from scratch to put use for my sandwiches this week. I wanted the dough to be full of fiber but also nice and herby because …


Getting inspiration

One of my favorite times of the day is my lunch break. One reason is that I often make something snazzy for lunch. But another is I typically peruse my cooking reading material and try to get ideas and choose my next experiment or project. Some of what I read is print, some electronic.

For the …


Lemon Pecan Bars Forked

So I promised my coworkers lemon bars since I’m going to visit them this week. However, I got busy this weekend and ended up making them at 9pm last night. The recipe I was using comes from my grandmother and its really Lemon Pecan Bars. However I hit a couple snags when I went to …