Red Hot dogs

When I was home visiting family earlier this month I had the opportunity have one of my absolute favorites from childhood: red hot dogs (aka red snappers). I sure you think I’m lost my mind when I say this is something I look forward to every year. However, hot dogs from W. A. Beans are kind of a special tradition in Maine and not something you can get anywhere else. Unless of course you’re willing to special order from the web.

If you don’t know about W. A. Beans hot dogs or you’ve been to Maine and not had one you’re missing out. They are a regional treat; not unlike really good bratwurt in Wisconsin. I didn’t realize how regional they were until I left home because they were always around. Living elsewhere now, they are something I truly miss and I hate to say it but really I’m not particularly interested in having any other kind of hot dog. If you are really doing it right they are served on New England split-top hot dog buns; almost always buttered and lightly toasted. The bun being something else that you can’t get in particular parts of the country – cough TX.

What makes them special to me besides tradition (we always had them at summertime cookouts)?

  1. Handmade and crafted
  2. Super fresh ingredients and no fillers
  3. 100 year old family recipe of beef and pork filling with secret spices
  4. Natural Lamb casing makes the outside have a particular texture that crunches when you bite into them

So what to do if one wants them year around? Well bring two pounds of them home with you in a large thermo lunch cooler of course! Now I’m set for a while. Only downside was I didn’t buy and rolls which I will make note of for when I restock via an internet order.

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