Kofta Kabob Experiment

Made kofta kabobs and grilled veggies for dinner tonight. Only got 3/5 star rating from spouse. He said they’d be better with sauce. Like┬átzatziki or something, which I found interesting because I gave special care to NOT over cook them so they would be moist.

My personal opinion – they were moist enough but not warm enough on the inside. Maybe that’s because I made patties instead of wrapping the mixture around skewers. But I’ve had them in a restaurant before as patties and they were toasty warm and not too dry.

Thought the flavor was spot on though and they were not dry brickets which I’ve seen many people do when they grill ground meat. They smelled and tasted great flavor wise! Temp and texture were off though. Wanted the outside to be more crispy?? Knew something was slightly amiss because they were a pain to try to get off the grill. Spatula just slid them around instead of picking them up. Will definitely be making a second attempt, though because I really really like these and want to be able to make them for myself instead of having to go out for them.

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