Purple Hulled Pea hummus

This week’s CSA box contained something I’ve never encountered before; purple hulled peas. I didn’t really know what to do with them but seeing as I forgot to buy hummus to use in my lunch sandwiches this week, I decided that perhaps I should try to make hummus with them. I got the idea from Vignettes from my fork but found an actual recipe on Tasty Kitchen. Because I didn’t want a monstrous batch of hummus, I cut the recipe in half. I also added in some ancho chili powder and used the water from cooking the peas instead of plain water.

One issue with making this is that you need to cook the peas. This takes a couple hours. So this isn’t a quick recipe. I’d recommend cooking the peas one day, let them cool then make the hummus the next day. This will let you make the best use of your time.

The final product managed to turn out quite smooth smoother than my normal batches of hummus. Some of this has to do with my using a mini chopper that has a small blade. When I make traditional hummus I make bigger batches in my food processor which has a pretty big blade. If I wanted to get it smoother I need to make my regular hummus in this smaller chopper. Problem is that means subdividing the recipe and making several batches. Another factor I think is the fact that the purple hulled peas were well cooked when I made the hummus which I think makes them easier to puree. I think if I

  1. Cooked my own dried garbanzo beans rather than using canned
  2. Removed the skins

The normal hummus result would turn out as smooth in texture as this purple hulled pea batch.

Now that I’ve got all this purple hulled pea hummus, what am I going to do with it? Lunch sandwiches! Once one has the hummus as a base there are a bunch of different wraps one can make. The first one I made was hummus and cucumber, spinach and micro-greens.


Today I decided to wanted to do something a little different. So I sliced and salted vegetables: eggplant, jalapenos and zucchini. Then I basted them with oil and grilled them for 10 minutes. Once the vegetables were done, I sliced some of them up and put them into my second wrap which included the hummus and roasted vegetables.

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