Red Hot dogs

When I was home visiting family earlier this month I had the opportunity have one of my absolute favorites from childhood: red hot dogs (aka red snappers). I sure you think I’m lost my mind when I say this is something I look forward to every year. However, hot dogs from W. A. Beans are …


Keftedes (aka Greek meatballs)

One of my favorite things we used to have growing up was Greek meatballs. Most of people know these as Keftedes. What makes them unique is the fact they are made with ground lamb and dried spearmint. My mom and grandmother would always fry them but I wanted a slightly healthier version. So I converted …


Hummus from scratch

One thing I often find myself making regularly is hummus. The reason? I eat it on sandwiches at lunch time pretty much every day. Its expensive if you buy it at the store and dead easy to make. So more often than not I make it. Last week I made a variation of it using …


Kofta Kabob Experiment

Made kofta kabobs and grilled veggies for dinner tonight. Only got 3/5 star rating from spouse. He said they’d be better with sauce. Like┬átzatziki or something, which I found interesting because I gave special care to NOT over cook them so they would be moist.
My personal opinion – they were moist enough but not warm …


Watermelon Fruit Bars

Sometime this summer I decided that the cost of healthy frozen treats was too much and I wanted to make my own. Since then I’ve been experimenting with making various fruit bars, creamsicles and other frozen treats in the popsicle family. I bought two different types of popsicle molds made by Tovolo: one was bar …


Chocolate Squash Brownies

I’ve gotten four squash: two acorn and two butternut squash that I’ve received as part of my CSA boxes over the last month or so. Problem is that it really isn’t the time of the year for squash, at least not the typical ways I make it

Mushroom and Squash soup
Squash bread

So need a different way …


Summer CSA Week 10

This is the last week of the summer CSA and the box I got was full of lots of tasty goodies including:

yellow squash
sweet potatoes
baby arugula
bell peppers
cherry tomatoes
micro greens

As far as I’m concerned this is the best box I’ve gotten so far. The contents are super easy to use and I probably won’t have to buy …


Purple Hulled Pea hummus

This week’s CSA box contained something I’ve never encountered before; purple hulled peas. I didn’t really know what to do with them but seeing as I forgot to buy hummus to use in my lunch sandwiches this week, I decided that perhaps I should try to make hummus with them. I got the idea from …