Cherry Galettes goes askew

I made a pear galette back two weekends ago with pears from my tree. My husband dug it out of the freezer and devoured it in 2 days then requested another. This week there were Rainier cherries at the grocery store. So I decided I’d make a couple cherry galettes. Same recipe for the crust, different filling. When I went to get the flour out I discovered a older bag in the back of my pantry. I didn’t think much of it as I was measuring it out. When I need the liquid to the dough though things started to go sideways.

First it wasn’t holding together and while I always have trouble with pie crust, tart crust is usually a snap for me. Then it kept breaking while I rolled it out. I persevered though and manage to get two galettes put together and baked off. They looked good coming out of the oven but looks can be deceiving because when we did the taste test – oh dear.

[flickr id=”7686930554″ thumbnail=”small” align=”left”]

It seems that something must have been off with the flour because the texture and taste of the crust was quite off. Luckily I discovered it BEFORE I made the pizza dough for that evening’s dinner. But WOW not good. Just goes to show that looks can be deceiving.

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