Red velvet chocolate beet cupcakes

Yeah, I know it sound weird. Beet and chocolate cupcakes. My spouse thought they’d be nasty but they turned out wicked tasty. What I like best about them is the fact they are super moist! Often my cake isn’t moist enough but the beets really help with this.

Unfortunately, they still are probably not super healthy. Too much processed sugar and flour for that. BUT, I’m guessing they are better then normal cupcakes and nice for a dessert treat. The recipe ended up making around 18. Used up all the beets from two weeks of CSA shares. Huzzah for that. If I get another batch I may try to make the chocolate flourless beet cake recipe I found. In the meantime, I’ve put them in the freezer to take to share with my co-workers later in the summer when I go to the home office.

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