Pricey POS Mandoline

Sometime in the last 2 years I bought what I thought was a nice mandoline on Amazon to produce even slices of potatoes, cucumbers, etc. Recently I’ve come to rue my choice though because although quite pricey has turned out to be a POS. The main problem is the slicing blade got dull rather quickly with use. I went a long time without using the mandoline but I’ve been putting it through its paces in the last 6 months and it is about a sharp as towel right now. One can cut softer things like cucumbers with it still, but potatoes or sweet potatoes are a complete no go.

The sentiment that the blade dulls way to quickly seems to be shared by others who have recently reviewed it on Amazon. Unfortunately it was rated rather highly when I bought it. Since the blade comes out I thought- well I’ll just buy a replacement blade. Alas, I can’t seem to find one which is beyond stupid. One reason I purchased this particular brand/model was it had features like different types of blades, and the ability to slices things fancy ways. The reality has turned out to be though that I don’t use all the extra bells and whistles. I just need to slice stuff uniformly. So I’m starting to think that maybe a cheaper more reliable but less full featured one is the way to go. Before I buy a replacement though I’m going to have to do some more extensive research so I don’t get another useless lemon.

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