Chickpea chip fail whale

So I decided to try to make chickpea chips today. I found a recipe on the web and picked up some garbanzo bean flour at the store. When I mixed all the ingredients together the mixture didn’t stick together enough. This should have been a clue that something wasn’t quite right. However, I pressed on and added  another 1/2 cup of water in order to get the dough the proper consistency. The next issue I encountered was getting the dough rolled out thinly enough. I tried rolling it out by hand but couldn’t get it thin enough without it being uneven and breaking apart. Then I remembered that I have a tortilla press. So I decided to use this in order to get the rounds which I could slice into triangles, sprinkle with salt and bake off. The final result was FAR from successful. Mostly because even using the tortilla press, I don’t think the dough was rolled out thinly enough. The result had a texture that was more like a cracker than a chip and an overly pasty taste. Not at all the what I was hoping for. I tried 2-3 but they were just terrible. So the rest of the batch went into the trash. What I really wanted was something light and crispy to serve with my midday sandwiches this week. I guess I’ll have to go back to the drawing board and think about what might create a more successful outcome.

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