Can’t beat coldcuts

So many of my childhood memories revolve around food that it is difficult to not to be drawn back into the past by particular tastes, smells, or experiences. That happened to me today when a couple friends and I who were in Seattle for a conference went to Salumi for lunch. For those who don’t know Salumi is a shop that sells artisan Italian cured meats and cheeses (what I thought of as “cold cuts” growing up). In addition to the meats and cheeses, they offer lunch daily. Mostly it is sandwiches from their tasty tidbits, which is what I ended up having.

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However, they also have daily specials including a soup, warm pasta dish and often a warm sandwich, which is what my two compatriots had.

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There isn’t much space to sit down and there is always a line out the door, but the taste is more than worth it. Going there today took me back to my childhood and visiting Tony’s Market in Roslindale. When my family went to Boston to visit relatives, we’d always make a special trip to Roslindale to get bread, Italian cold cuts, and sausage. It was a special treat considering we couldn’t get the likes of it in rural Maine. I often find myself craving those tastes and I’ve yet to find a place near home that offers the same experience. So I have to take advantage when I find myself in a place where such things are available.

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