Turkey for Two

This year like many years my spouse and I had Thanksgiving by ourselves. Because he’s diabetic we can’t have the typical trimmings: mashed potatoes and stuffing. It also makes no sense for us to cook a whole bird. So we bought a turkey breast and roasted it for ourselves. Because a turkey breast is lean, it is really important to baste the turkey regularly so it won’t dry out. If you do this then the final product is a very moist bird.

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We paired this with grilled corn on the cob and garlicky oven roasted brussel sprouts, which made for a nice relatively light Thanksgiving meal. We made pumpkin pie as well, which came out great and looked almost too perfect to eat.

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Because we cooked a turkey breast, we also ended up with lots of left overs. Some was made into fresh turkey sandwiches both cold with mayo and warm open faced with gravy. The carcass was boiled down to make turkey noodle soup for dinner tonight. Perfect after a cold windy day. The carcass also produced extra turkey broth to be used in a future soup. Maybe cream of broccoli?

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